3 Reasons Why Exercise Prevents Cancer – Prosper In Health By Staying Proactive

As a cancer support group we are always looking for new and innovative ways to prevent and cure cancer. While there is always lots of new and exciting research being extrapolated daily and great cancer medical breakthroughs happening frequently we wanted to take a moment to talk about an old tried and true method to cancer prevention. This time tested cancer prevention technique is physical exercise and we can not reiterate enough how important it is to optimal health and remaining cancer free. According to the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) it is advised that adults “participate in moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes on five or more days of the week,” or “engage in vigorous-intensity physical activity for at least 20 minutes on three or more days of the week” and its rules like this that we all need to adopt when it comes to reducing our risk to cancer. Physical fitness and exercise are not new concepts but now more then ever before we need to renew our focus on staying fit so that our bodies can remain in top condition. In effort to reiterate and reemphasize just how important working out in programs like the CIZE system is lets take a look at just a few reasons why physical activity is so important in maintaining a cancer free life.

Physical Fitness and Activity Cancer Prevention Idea #1: Reduced Risk Of Colon Cancer

One of the most common and devastating forms of cancer, colon cancer is something we all have to be concerned about. The good news is that research shows that regular exercise goes a long way towards the avoidance of colon cancer. If this is not reason enough to hit the gym then we do not know what is.

Physical Fitness and Activity Cancer Prevention Idea #2: Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer

A cancer most frequently experienced by woman we really want to take a second to remind all the females how important getting up and out is. Many studies have shown that physical fitness is a great way to reduce the risk of breast cancer which should be all the motivation needed to find a workout program that is right for. We all should know by now that working out is good for us and this is just one more example of why we should do it more often.

Physical Fitness and Activity Cancer Prevention Idea #3: Reduced Risk Of Lung Cancer

Studies indicate an opposite relationship between physical activity and lung cancer risk, with the most physically active participants gaining around a 20% reduction in cancer risk. The evidence is clear and that is that working out helps prevent cancer which is why we are always excited to promote more time staying active and the doing the physical activities we have a passion for.

If you could pick an favorite physical activity to do on a regular basis which one would it be?