The Truth About Cancer Infographic – The Fight Begins Now

The numbers are often hard to swallow when it comes to thinking about the true impact of cancer but the more we remind ourselves just how bad this illness is the better chance we have to keep it at the forefront of important fights. While we are a group based out of Texas we to realize that this is a global fight that all fellow Americans should be proud to join. Many great minds and resources are being applied to solving this difficult problem of curing cancer and the more that get involved in the fight against it the better. Everyday we get closer and closer to making huge strides in medicine so lets all join forces to make that last special push that might allow us to get there. Let review an infographic on some of the more grave facts and truths about to really drive home the point in our minds how vital and important the fight against cancer truly is.

The Truth About Cancer Fact and Stat #1: 11,400,000 Total Number of People In The United States Living With Cancer

When you stop and think about the fact that over 10 million people are living in America right now that is a pretty incredible and sad stat to have to face on a daily basis. Just thinking about shear number its almost a certainty that you will run into someone in your everyday activities at least once a week. Cancer fighters and survivors as well as the future of fellow humanity needs us now to stand up and do everything we can to eliminate this terrible disease and we want to be able to say at least we tried and did are part even in the face of tragedy and adversity.

The Truth About Cancer Fact and Stat #2: 562,340 Total Number of People Who Died In 2009 From The Effects of Cancer

This is one of the saddest number we have to discuss but when over a half million people are dying over something that we may possibly be able to stop then we need to stand up. The problem with death is there is no coming back so lets all think about working overtime to allow people to possibly have some more time here on earth.

The Truth About Cancer Fact and Stat #3: 1 and 3 Total Number of Americans Who Have A Chance of Developing Cancer


This fact can really hit home because when you think about your family in its most basic form its you and your parents which also means one of you has a strong likely hood of developing cancer. Not to be too depressing but that is an alarming rate and something that appears now to be something that no family can escape. The scary thing is all of these numbers are on the rise so it is now more important then ever to take action. What role or part are you playing currently in the fight against cancer?